Welcome to the Apostrophe User's Guide!

Current version of Apostrophe is 1.5

We know using Apostrophe is easy. Almost too easy. Just in case you need it, we created this user guide. Look to your left, you will see a handy navigation tab. We set up the guide to correspond with the tools Apostrophe provides. Please feel free to use the search bar up top for finding some quick information. The panic button is located at the bottom of every page in case you can't locate the information you're hunting for. I'll leave you now with this Apostrophe demo  to get you started. Happy content editing!


Check out some awesome features of Apostrophe 1.5


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Cropping is a new feature in Apostrophe 1.5. Now when you make a slideshow, you can crop the images to get them exactly perfect. Apostrophe will even keep the correct constraints so that your image's ration stays correct, and you don't see anything funny going on. Watch this screen cast to…